IT Solutions


Infrastructure Solutions simplify your data center, making it more energy and space efficient while being less expensive to operate. At FOXMINDS, we can help transform your current infrastructure to achieve your business objectives through modern IT architecture.

Since our inception in 2009, our core strength and expertise has been providing IT Infrastructure Services. This includes the ability to help clients design, implement, and manage best-in-class enterprise infrastructure solutions. Employees, partners, and customers all rely on the IT infrastructure to effectively connect, communicate, and innovate. Over the last decade, IT infrastructures and data centers have become more strategic than ever—they are improving productivity, enhancing business processes, and accelerating change.

Advanced Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions are strategic to protect, optimize, and grow the organization. FOXMINDS offers engineering and IT architectural services to help design, optimize, and consolidate data centers. These consolidated data centers provide greater ease of management and are more efficient in their use of power and data center floor space.


At FOXMINDS, we design and implement advanced security solutions to protect your networks and your users from targeted assaults on your resources and data such as malware attacks, data leaks and network intrusion. Using innovative technologies, we deliver a full range of capabilities that ensure the successful deployment of advanced security solutions, from inception to a fully managed support service.

With leading network security vendors and partners, we offer cost effective solutions for connecting large corporate sites with their smaller remote offices, mobile workers and external business partners.

The benefits of securing networks and remote access solutions include:

  • Prevention of data leaks, network intrusion and malware attacks
  • Preservation of users’ privacy and VPN reliability
  • Significant enhancement of mobile users’ productivity and flexibility
  • Cost effective, convenient and easy for end-users and IT Staff
  • Strong encryption and authentication


Your business is at risk by some natural disaster or man-made threat? Protect your enterprise by signing up to our Business Continuity solutions. We work with you to design and implement disaster recovery strategies and processes ensuring that your business has the proper contingency plans.

Our approach is simple:

  • We assess your risks by thoroughly examining your existing network design and configuration
  • We implement by improving your infrastructure, adding required services and features, testing it then finally training your human resources
  • We maintain by executing annual exercises and checkups


Businesses cannot afford to shut down in response to man-made incidents, natural disasters, or pandemics, so contingency planning is essential to ensure business continuity.

Our Remote Access Solution helps IT departments address the overwhelming task of supporting a workforce that’s highly mobile and requires access to the same resources as corporate users. By providing a versatile remote networking solution, our solutions can securely extend the corporate enterprise network at lower cost and massive scale to easily solve traditional remote networking complexity.

With our latest Wireless Solutions and Software, IT network managers can centrally manage and monitor their entire corporate distributed network even for those locations with no dedicated IT onsite.