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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is specific software that allows a company to measure and control contacts with customers in order to enhance quality, improve reliability and increase profitability. You can automate your day-to-day tasks for sales, customer service, field service, call center and marketing professionals. The main objectives of this software are to:

  • Find, attract and win new clients
  • Sustain existing clients
  • Focus on bringing former clients back into the fold
  • Reduce the costs of marketing and client service

On the whole, CRM is a strategy of continuous improvement and a philosophy that places the customer and the customer’s needs at the center of all business decisions; hence CRM can make or break a business! We at FOXMINDS will help you build effective Customer Relationship Management strategies and carry out proper implementation. Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, our CRM solution will provide you with a 360 visibility over all your sales and will further enable you to:

  • Share and distribute data for making informed decisions and follow up.
  • Reduce your customer support cost as clients can do their own order entries and are empowered to find the info they need to come to a buy decision.
  • Improve your customer service as all data concerning interactions with clients is centralized.
  • Boost your customer satisfaction due to the fact that your clients will feel they are more “part of the team” instead of just subjects for sales and marketing.
  • Improve your repeat business.
  • Accelerate growth at lower cost increasing hence your profit.


FOXMINDS can help your organization manage and control all processes related to your buildings’ uses and your physical assets. Whether you need to track and maintain your floor plans, your space or site characteristics and usage, your LAN and Telecom information or even your employees and occupancy data, with our Facility and Property Management solution, you can! Its rich functionality ensures the ability to make precise analysis and forecasts for financial sustainability, specific business models and the returns of property related investments.

Additional benefits to this featured solution:

  • Provides support to facilities managers, from space management to CAD integration, to assist delivery of both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ FM services.
  • Offers log calls and service requests 24 hours a day to track progress and measure service level performance.
  • Allows the inspection of whether facilities contractors and workforce have completed jobs on time and to budget.
  • Generates faster and more accurate reports to staff, board and partner organizations.
  • Enables business owners to make better use of space and reduce property costs by producing ‘net internal area’ statistics showing how much each space/location is costing.


Document management, often referred to as Document Management Systems (DMS), is the use of a computer system and software to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper-based information captured through the use of a document scanner. It is how your organization stores, manages, and tracks its electronic documents.

Document management is one of the foundation technologies to content management. It provides some of the most basic functionality to content management, imposing controls and management capabilities onto passive documents. Some of the key features in document management include:

  • Check-in/check-out and locking, to coordinate the simultaneous editing of a document, so one users’ changes don’t overwrite another’s
  • Version control, so tabs can be kept on how the current document came to be and how it differs from the versions that came before
  • Roll-back, to “activate” a prior version in case of an error or premature release
  • Audit trail, to permit the reconstruction of who did what to a document during the course of its life in the system
  • Annotation and Stamps,

Document management systems today range in size and scope from small, standalone systems to large scale enterprise-wide configurations serving a global audience. Many document management systems provide a means to incorporate standard physical document filing practices electronically. These include:

  • Storage location
  • Security and access control
  • Version control
  • Audit trails
  • Check-in/check-out and document lockdown.

At FOXMINDS, we offer the latest solutions in document management systems that are tailored to your company size and data structure in the aim of empowering your daily operations and providing an additional layer of security to your company’ content.


In today’s economy, the communication challenges between mobile users are greater than ever before. Yet project and team collaboration – in other words, enterprise collaboration – is as important as ever, despite the growing physical distance between workers.
Being securely and reliably connected, communicating in many ways, feeling more engaged and productive – that’s the target of increasingly dispersed workforce.

Employees no longer tolerate work environments constrained by disconnected, disjointed communications tools. They don’t have the time to figure out and tweak the various tools they regularly use, including those for telephony, instant messaging, video conferencing, web collaboration, and content sharing.

At FOXMINDS, we propose cost-effective solutions to equip your employees to collaborate easily from any location and any device with cloud-based, unified communications.
When collaboration capabilities – including web and video conferencing – converge in the form of unified communications, enterprises can:

  • Decrease the costs associated with business travel
  • Ensure persistence, content, and context for distributed teams
  • Enable faster communication and overall agility
  • Reduce geographic barriers for teams that need to work on projects or specific business processes
  • More easily engage external constituents, such as business partners and customers
  • Roll out training virtually to employees in multiple locations