Enterprise Collaboration Solutions


In today’s economy, the communication challenges between mobile users are greater than ever before. Yet project and team collaboration – in other words, enterprise collaboration – is as important as ever, despite the growing physical distance between workers.
Being securely and reliably connected, communicating in many ways, feeling more engaged and productive – that’s the target of increasingly dispersed workforce.

Employees no longer tolerate work environments constrained by disconnected, disjointed communications tools. They don’t have the time to figure out and tweak the various tools they regularly use, including those for telephony, instant messaging, video conferencing, web collaboration, and content sharing.

At FOXMINDS, we propose cost-effective solutions to equip your employees to collaborate easily from any location and any device with cloud-based, unified communications.
When collaboration capabilities – including web and video conferencing – converge in the form of unified communications, enterprises can:

  • Decrease the costs associated with business travel
  • Ensure persistence, content, and context for distributed teams
  • Enable faster communication and overall agility
  • Reduce geographic barriers for teams that need to work on projects or specific business processes
  • More easily engage external constituents, such as business partners and customers
  • Roll out training virtually to employees in multiple locations